True story, the first time you hear shoes can order pizza for you, it sounds ridiculous but these are the times we are living in. Life has become that much awesome that with a push of a button your shoes can order pizza for you. The pizza chain has released its Pie Tops II this month.

source: hypebeast

The shoes are limited editions as you can imagine but its great knowing that the world is that much closer to being perfect. In the spirit of March Madness the Pie Tops II can also pause the college basketball match you are watching as you go collect your pizza from the door. The buttons are on the tongues of the shoes, one side orders the pizza the other pauses the match. The original Pie Tops which came out last year could only order Pizza but now the IIs can pause your TV too.

source: pizza hut

The shoes look good too. I mean a shoe with sophisticated technology like that can’t possibly look good, except they do. Pizza hut is now the official pizza for March Madness NCAA, this shoe just shows how they are dominating the industry. The shoes will be on sale on the online retail HBX.