Some body needs to sit down with Ye and find out what is wrong with him. When he got back on social media and in the media spotlight we thought, the artistic genius is back but now he is acting and sounding like he is losing it again. He said slavery for 400 years seems like a choice.

In a recent interview with TMZ he went off in one of his signature Kanye rants and he got bodied by Van Lathan one of TMZ’s employees. It was frankly an embarrassing moment for Kanye. In the beginning of the whole Kanye Trump fiasco we thought it was just a publicity stunt but maybe, just maybe Kanye is losing his mind.

With sound. My bad

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Yoooo 🤯😱😳 WTF bro!?!?!? I’m scratching my head like a muuuufucka now cuzz!!!!

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